Back in Europe / by Mayan Smith-Gobat

I do not know where to start... So much has happened, there is also so much to tell and there has been so little time to write! I find it hard to remember yesterday morning, let alone a few weeks ago. Sometimes it all feels hard to handle, but I really feel very lucky to live the life that I am leading. My home at Smith Rocks... Thanks 5.10! Photgrapher: Tyler Roemer

Because of various different obligations, my 3 week trip up at Smith Rocks was reduced to 10 days - Just enough time to actually relearn to climb rather than just pulling my way through the moves! I had big goals to try two historic routes Just do It and/To Bolt, but I quickly decided to spend my time climbing the Smith Rock classics, rather than working on a project. I spent most of my time in the Dihedrals, climbing Chain Reaction, Darkness and many others...

On Rude Boys, Smith Rocks. Photographer: Tyler Roemer

It great fun but the trip was over far too quickly and then it was back to Colorado - A place which has (in some sense) become a home for me. After one hectic week of packing up my life, I boarded a plane to Germany - my other home! This place is very near to my heart and the only place which has stayed the same throughout my life. Hence, it was very nice to spend a week there , chilling with my Aunt (second mum) and cousins (almost siblings).

Of course the week flew by, and before I knew it, I was joined by Ben and driving down to Italy... Where I was presenting a slideshow for Stile Alpino! With a touch of luck and a bit of stress, we just made it in time, even though traffic jams and getting lost were working against me. Fabio and the rest of Stile Alpino team made us feel very welcome, showed us some of the local climbing and even invited Ben and I to join their annual fish dinner. This was an unexpected treat and we were honored to meet many of the most famous Italian climbers.

Arco! Photographer: Ben Rueck

Unfortunately the next week was spent trying to find dry rock in an epicly wet May. First stop was Arco, where we had a few beautiful days climbing and enjoying the craziness of the Italian lifestyle. However, just when we were starting to adjust to the climbing style a torrential rainstorm hit and we fled northwards... Toward the Frankenjura.

Ben hiking to Voraplsee

We stopped off for a day at the stunningly beautiful Swiss mountain crag - Voralpsee, the home to Speed (one of the first 8c+'s) an extremely sustained and crazily technical climb. I was hoping to get a few days climbing here, however, once again we woke to rain and freezing temperatures. Part of my motivation to go here was to try Speed, but I am starting to realize that finding motivation to climb hard routes is kind of like finding love... If you are actively looking for it, you will never find it... Yet, when least expected it finds you.

A nice quote from Cafe Kraft

Next stop was Frankenjura, one of the most historic sport climbing areas, located deep in the woods of Bayern. This is a place I am keen to spend some time climbing climb at, but this time I was there for the first ever Adidas "Basecamp". Stay posted for more on this soon! But in the meantime... Thanks to Adidas for inviting us all and organizing an amazing athlete meeting!

The Adidas team! Photographer: Ben Rueck