Kalymnos, Greece / by Mayan Smith-Gobat

Kalymnos, Grande Grotta in the background

Mayan onsighting Aegealis 7c

Two weeks in Kalymnos passed very quickly… it was an ideal life consisting of climbing, eating and swimming.

It is has been awesome getting back on long routes. Most of the climbs in the Grande Grotta are at least 40 meters long and very steep, with masses of huge tufas hanging down. Feels like climbing through an upside down forest. The routes I have done in that cave are some of the most 3 dimensional, interesting routes I have climbed… felt like I was on another planet!

My fitness and resistance have been returning very quickly! I had lost most of endurance during the four months I spent in NZ with an injured knee. My injured knee also seems to be getting on better in the warmer climate. It has not been holding me up much at all.

I have been trying to on-sight only, and have been slowly working my way up through the grades, with a good success rate. Last week I managed to on-sight a 7c+’s, three 7c’s and a bunch of 7b and 7b+’s.

It has also been great to be back in summer, the sea is beautiful and even though the weather has been a little too hot for hard routes, it has been perfect for gaining fitness, going swimming and enjoying the Greek island life-style.

Now we are in Spain, Siurana, trying to get used to pulling on small holds again. We took the weekend off climbing and then woke up really psyched this morning, only to find that it was raining… Not ideal, but we really cannot complain as it is the first time we have seen rain in three weeks.