Spanish Spring / by Mayan Smith-Gobat

A month in Spain really is not enough! I feel like I am just learning to sport climb again and it almost time to leave... I am becoming totally that we really need to two days for every one. There are simply too many routes to climb, too many places to visit and too many experiences not to be missed. I am finding the sheer volume of amazing route here almost daunting, because there is simply not enough time and simply too much psych to be contained in one lifetime!

I had intended to only be in Terradets for a week. However, I soon became psyched on doing a particular route - A relatively short, powerful route, with no good rests and no sneaky sequences to avoid the long dynamic moves. Before I knew it two weeks had slipped past, and yet this route was still eluding me... It was high time to move on, and so this has just become another route on my list of routes to return to when I am stronger.

Luckily, even though I did not end up with a tick, I do believe that trying this route served its purpose of getting me stronger and building my power-endurance more than any of the other long, pumper routes at Terradets would have done. I have to constantly remind myself not to get to caught up in these momentary frustrations, that this trip is actually training for a greater goal!

During the time I spent in Terradets I feel like the season changed from a beautiful, yet cold and crisp Spanish winter, to full-blown spring. The temperatures rose significantly and valleys became filled with blossoms! My home for those two weeks was a small clearing on the side of Panta des Terradets, and I swam in the  lake every single day that I was there - Well maybe swimming was an over statement, it was a rare occasion when I managed to stay in for more than a second!

I always find it is a little sad leaving a place which has become familiar, and yet this time I was kind of impatient to get on the road again... Now, I am in Siurana, sitting out thunderstorm and struggling to be patient. I really cannot complain though - it is the first rain I have seen for a month! I wish my time Spain would never end and am already looking forward to spending much more time here next winter!