Race to the sky / by Mayan Smith-Gobat

Marina Bay Sands Grand Opening - World Championship Climb

I am currently in Singapore, one of twenty-one professional climbers who will be scaling Marina Bay Sands on Wednesday, in the world's first climbing race on a building facade. This race is part of celebrations to mark the opening of Singapore's second integrated resort. 

The Marina Bay Sands 2010 World Championship Climb to the Sands Skypark is the first event of its kind: a speed race to climb the 55- floor Marina Bay Sands hotel, showcasing the courage and skills of some of the fastest climbers in the world. They have selected some of the best climbers in the world, from as many different back grounds as possible, and I am one of them!

The three  towers which we are climbing are made of concave glass, with metal edged fins running vertically al the way to the top of the building (almost 200 meters). The climbing is really fun and lends itself to climbing very well - one would have almost thought that they designed the building with climbing in mind. 

This is an amazing experience - extremely different to anything else I have ever done before, and an event that I am excited to be part of. It is also exciting because climbing a building of this sort would otherwise be highly illegal. At the moment we are preparing for the event, which will be happening on the 23rd June.

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