Astroman, no, Astrogirl! / by Mayan Smith-Gobat

My beta map... This is all the information I had on the climb!

In 1957 Astroman was first climbed (using about 225 aid placements), in 1975 it was first free climbed, becoming the most continuously difficult free climb in the world, and in 1987 Peter Croft made the first free solo ascent. Today this steep 400m route still holds it's status as one of the most famous and challenging Yosemite test-pieces.

Yesterday, I summoned up my courage to test my three week old crack climbing skills on this legendary climb. The result was better than I had dared to imagine. I succeeded in climbing Astroman in the best style... ground up, in one day, leading every pitch on-sight without a single fall. 

About halfway up the 400m of overhung granite.

Astroman has not gained it's fame for no reason, it is amazingly sustained, every pitch was challenging and unforgiving. Its relentless, and testing in every way... from very thin face moves and mantels, to lay-backs, unprotected off-widths and with flaring bottomless chimneys. This is definitely the most sustained and incredible traditional climb I have freed.

Destroyed and content... Relaxing in the RV the next morning.