Girl Power! / by Mayan Smith-Gobat

How many times have we all thought that it would be great to see more strong girls out at the crag? Until this summer, my mind had often been occupied by thoughts like this...  However, at Ceuse this summer there seems to be almost more females climbing hard routes than men! I have definitely witnessed more impressive sends by women this summer than ever before. I have often wished to be surrounded by more females climbing around my level (or stronger), but had almost given up hope that it would ever happen! Therefore, I have found this influx of strong women climbers very inspiring and motivating.

Mid crux on "Le Chirurgien du Crepscule" 8b, Ceuse


Yes, I am still at Ceuse, plans have changed a little due to the fact that I have to get some dentistry work done.... Grrrr 

But on the up-side, is there a better place to be stuck in European summer than Ceuse? I do not think that I could ever get sick of this atmospheric place, or run out of climbs to try here. My latest achievement was "Le Chirurgien du Crepscule" 8b, a technical and fingery master piece, on another blank and beautiful piece of Ceuse limestone.

Just another dead-point to a tiny pocket on "Le Chirurgien du Crepscule"