Resting / by Mayan Smith-Gobat

I have just returned to Ceuse after spending the last ten days with my family, at their house near the West coast of France. It has been refreshing for me to be totally removed from my climbing life, and beautiful to see them all relaxing in the sun, enjoying a quiet, little oasis in the middle of rural France. Climbing is my passion in life, but after three months of living on the road and climbing at a high level, it can become a bit of a routine. My body still felt fine, but my temper and patience were starting to become strained. Therefore, this has been a welcome and necessary break.

Before leaving Ceuse, I summoned up the courage to join the hoards of holiday climbers on the slabs to get to the impressive roof above. “Radote Joli Pepere” 8b took me several days, as the last boulder was very hard for me. While my quick-draws were on I witnessed eight ascents of this route, most of which were within three attempts, and included on onsight by a Swiss woman… Very impressive!

On the crux move of Radote Joli Pepere 8b

This is the third summer I have spent a period of time a Ceuse. Every year the level of climbing rises, but this year I have found it most striking. There seems to be an endless stream of strong climbers kicking ass on most of the hard routes around. This year I am also thrilled to see a large increase in the amount of strong females and  young climbers.