Berlin Wall / by Mayan Smith-Gobat

This gently overhanging wall, with a large concentration of beautiful, sustained routes between 7c and 8a+, is one of my favourite, and it is possibly the sector I have climbed at most in Ceuse. On each of my trips here (over the last few years) I have climbed a few routes on this sector, slowly working my way along the wall from left to right. It is one of my goals is to climb every route on is sector! My latest send, and the most difficult for me so far, was Dolce Vita 8a+, this route is much more bouldery than the others on this wall, with long, powerful moves on small holds.


Mayan climbing the first part of the crux of Dolce Vita 8a+


This trip I have been really enjoying the social aspect and positive vibes created by sharing information with other climbers. A striking and inspiring encounter I have had was with Alexander, a 14-year-old Polish boy who is on a three-month climbing trip alone. He is tiny for his age, but that is not stopping him from crushing 8a’s. He insists that grades do not mater to him, and climbs simply for the fun of it, always with a smile.


Alex sending his first 8a "Petit Tom", third attempt